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Mukti Bandhan

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Sindhu Bhairavi

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Pirivom Sandhipom

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Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum-M.G.R's Movie

Top Movie MGR's Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum... click on title to see online film free.

Idhayam-514 to 518 23-8-11 to 29-8-11

Idhayam-518 29th August 2011

Idhayam-517 26th August 2011

Idhayam-516 25th August 2011

Idhayam-515 24th August 2011

Idhayam-514 23rd August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-22-8-11 to 29-8-11

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-441 29th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-440 25th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 24th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 23rd August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 22nd August 2011

Chellamay-18 Aug 2011 to 24 Aug 2011

Chellamay - 24th August 2011

Chellamay - 23rd August 2011

Chellamay - 22nd August 2011

Chellamay - 19th August 2011

Chellamay - 18th August 2011

Pirivom Sandhipom- 18-8-11 to 24-8-11

Pirivom Santhipom-98 24th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-97 23rd August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-96 22nd August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-95 19th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-94 18th August 2011

Madhavi- 19-8-11 to 25-8-11

Madhavi-Serial- 25th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 24th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 23rd August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 22nd August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 19th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam- 18-8-11 to 24-8-11

Thirumathi Selvam - 24th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 23rd August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 22nd August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 19th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 18th August 2011

Idhayam-509 to 513 16-8-11 to 22-8-11

Idhayam-513 22nd August 2011

Idhayam-512 19th August 2011

Idhayam - 511 - 18th August 2011

Idhayam - 510 - 17th August 2011

Idhayam - 509 - 16th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom- 10-8-11 to 18-8-11

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 18th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 17th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 16th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 11th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 10th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-73 to 77 11-8-11 to 18-8-11

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-77 18th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-76 - 17th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-75 - 16th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-74 - 12th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-73 - 11th August 2011

Thangam-543 to 547 10-8-11 to 17-8-11

Thangam-Serial-547 - August 17 2011

Thangam-Serial-546 - August 16 2011

Thangam-Serial-545 - August 12 2011

Thangam-Serial-544 - August 11 2011

Thangam-Serial-543 - August 10 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 11-8-11 to 18-8-11

Madhavi-Serial- 18th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 17th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 16th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 12th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 11th August 2011

Chellamay - 10-8-11 to 17-8-11

Chellamay - 17th August 2011

Chellamay - 16th August 2011

Chellamay - 12th August 2011

Chellamay - 11th August 2011

Chellamay - 10th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-89 to 93 10-8-11 to 17-8-11

Pirivom Santhipom-93 17th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-92 16th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-91 12th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-90 11th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-89 10th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam- 10-8-11 to 17-8-11

Thirumathi Selvam - 17th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 16th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 12th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 11th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 10th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-84 to 88 3-8-11 to 9-8-11

Pirivom Santhipom-88 9th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-87 8th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-86 5th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-85 4th August 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-Serial-84 3rd August 2011

Chellamay- 3-8-11 to 9-8-11

Kadarkarai's daughter Rathna could not bear everybody calling her father murderer and when she receives the SMS from Sneha where Kadarkarai tells that he will kill Vadamalai she is very upset and commits suicide cutting her wrist.

Chellama gets doubt if Kadarkarian could have been behind the beating of his husband she tells to the police so. She feels his repeated assertion that he has not done the crime could be true and he has lost his daughter too.

Kadarkarai's bail application gets rejected and when he comes outside the court with the police escorts he sees Chellama. He asserts to Chellama that henceforth he will be the deadliest enemy to her.

Chellamay - 9th August 2011

Chellamay - 8th August 2011

Chellamay - 5th August 2011

Chellamay - 4th August 2011

Chellamay - 3rd August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-68 to 72 4-8-11 to 10-8-11

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-72 - 10th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-71 - 9th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-70 - 8th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-69 - 5th August 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-68 - 4th August 2011

Idhayam-504 to 508 8-8-11 to 12-8-11

Idhayam - 508 - 12th August 2011

Idhayam - 507 - 11th August 2011

Idhayam - 506 - 10th August 2011

Idhayam - 505 - 9th August 2011

Idhayam - 504 - 8th August 2011

Idhayam-499 to 503 1-8-11 to 5-8-11

Idhayam - 503 - 5th August 2011

Idhayam - 502 - 4th August 2011

Idhayam - 501 - 3rd August 2011

Idhayam - 500 - 2nd August 2011

Idhayam - 499 - 1st August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam- 3-8-11 to 9-8-11

Thirumathi Selvam - 9th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 8th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 5th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 4th August 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 3rd August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom- 2-8-11 to 9-8-11

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 9th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 8th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 4th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 3rd August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 2nd August 2011

Madhavi- 1-8-11 to 5-8-11

Madhavi-Serial- 5th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 4th August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 3rd August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 2nd August 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 1st August 2011

Madhavi- 25-7-11 to 29-7-11

Madhavi-Serial- 29th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 28th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 27th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 26th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 25th Jul 2011

Madhavi- 5-7-11 to 11-7-11

Madhavi-Serial- 11th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 8th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 7th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 6th Jul 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 5th Jul 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-17-8-11

Sindhu is the daughter of Damini who was an servant-maid, Damini lost her husband in an accident caused by Jogi Thakur. The serial starts when we see Damini struggles to meet the ends. Sindhu is a playful girl who does not go to school but sits near a traffic junction with hands on her chin waiting for the evening when her mother returns from work.

Damini is not paid properly in her present house-maid work when she hears that there is call for house-maid in Jogi Thakurs house. Thus Sindhu and Damini enter the house of Jogi Thakur.

Bhairavi who was alone finds a good friend in Sindhu. When everybody is against Sindhu at Jogi's house Bhairavi supports her and gives all the happiness and playful things to her. She also is sent to school along with Bhairavi. The grandmother of Bhairavi pours venom and jealousy in the innocent mind of Bhairavi and changes her character to that of a villian.

As they grew up Bhairavi's jealousy continues and she likes to have to herself all the good things that may go to Sindhu. A proposal for marriage from Veer comes her way but she who already in in love with Siddarth asks Sindhu to be with Veer when she spends her time dancing with Siddarth.

A love develops between Veer and Sindhu, when Bhairavi gets to know their love she finds Veer very rich and luxurious and just to deprive Sindhu her love life she takes the place of bride, keeps her face covered during the marriage ceremony and marries Veer cheating him. When Veer comes to know that he had married Bhairavi he rejects her.

Bhairavi arranges Sid to kill Sindhu but Sindhu escapes. So she devices another plan that is to marry her off to Veer's brother who is a drug addict. Bhairavi, Gunavanthi execute the plan rather perfectly sending off Veer to Delhi and marrying off Vijay to Sindhu.

Sindhu herself insists on marrying Vijay bringing crooked smiles into the face of Bhairavi and Nani. On return Veer comes to know about everything but is unable to do anything since Vijay already is in deep love with Sindhu.

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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-299 17th August 2011

Idhayam- 494 to 498 25-7-11 to 29-7-11

Idhayam - 498 - 29th July 2011

Idhayam - 497 - 28th July 2011

Idhayam - 496 - 27th July 2011

Idhayam - 495 - 26th July 2011

Idhayam - 494 - 25th July 2011

Chellamay-27-7-11 to 2-8-11

Chellamay - 2nd August 2011

Chellamay - 1st August 2011

Chellamay - 29th July 2011

Chellamay - 28th July 2011

Chellamay - 27th July 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-20-7-11 to 1-8-11

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 1st August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 28th July 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 27th July 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 25th July 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 21st July 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom - 20th July 2011


Mahalaxmi is the daughter of Devaraj but Rani deceitfully becomes the adopted daughter of Devaraj and Yamuna. Devaraj not knowing that his daughter is Mahalaxmi transfers his property to the name of Rani. Later he comes to know that his daughter is Mahalaxmi. Prakash in order to regain that property marries Rani. Devaraj seeing this gets heart-attack and dies.

Rani starts a new company in the name Yamuna Associates and when everything was going fine Topiaz starts claiming the ownership of the Company.

Every well-wisher of Mahalaxmi meet Topiaz and ask him to give the signed papers of Mahalaxmi back to her. Topiaz refuses and everyone are in a murderous mood against Topiaz. Prakash plays a game plan and puts Topiaz and Maharani against each other.

Topiaz brings in the car dealer and puts him in conversation with Rani and overhears secretly their talks. He thus comes to know with certain that it was Rani who had run the car over his hand. Topiaz with some cruel intentions calls Rani for a pary. At the same time Anand sets out carrying a knife.

Mahalaxmi, Anand, Vikram and Rani set out in search of Topiaz and return back with high tension.

Topiaz gets murdered and the Police Kaliamurthy arrests Yamuna who had seen the body first. He also arrests Anand who comes to the police station to enquire about the reason for arresting Yamuna.

All of them gets released later on the advice of AC Deva Narayanan who has been appointed specially to investigate Topiaz's Murder case.

A.C. Deva Narayanan takes the help of both inspectors Kaliamurthy and Balaji in his investigations.

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Maharani-Serial-439 - 12th August 2011


Soraja's gang disguising as police are able to kidnap Bhanu and bring it to
saroja's den. Bhanu is slapped by Saroja and then is clubbed by her other chellas. Manga shouts to leave her and gets booted several times by Saroja.

Karpagam and Dhakshina come over the Orphanage and finding that Bhanu has been taken in a police Jeep they go to meet their area inspector and inform him about the incidents. The inpector finding some fishy in things sets out insearch of Bhanu's uncle who had given the advertisement. There he finds that they are not kidnappers but it was Saroja, he traces and sets after her when she knifes Bhanu and escapes.

Where Bhanu is struggling to survive in hospital, Padma seems to be getting positive and thinking. Finally Bhanu survives but is in unconscious state.

Police gets permission to shoot Saroja and gang members. As per Saroja's wish they set out to hand over Panjali in return for Manga. Karpagam is forced to accompany the party.

Saroja gets to know that police is waiting to shoot her down and so she challenges the inpector that she would kill Panjali before she is taken to court and if he could he can save Manga.

As said she sends Manga with her goonda to kill Manga and throw her in the sea.

At the police station the inspector takes the statement of Panjali who accepts that Anjali had given her the child for kidnapping. Panjali is then taken to the court. At the Court Panjali takes the name of Manohar, Manohar is called up to the witness box where he accepts the crime of kidnapping and is ordered to be arrested and a case filed against him.

Padma never believes that Manohar had got himself arrested to get release Manga from the clutches of Saroja.

Saroja released Manga but before release she asked Bell Bhaskar to inject her body with poison so that she dies before reaching her home. Bell Bhaskar taking pity on Manga fakes injecting, later when Saroja comes to know that Manga has not injected with poison she injects the same poison to Bell Bhaskar he faints and Saroja tells her gang to disposes him off.

Manohar comes to know that Manga had been poisoned before releasing her but some mistake had committed by Saroja so the poison did not enter her body. Manohar gets angry for back-stabbing.

Anjali telephone Karpagam and boasts of her acts and Karpagam passes the number to the Inspector. On verification it is found that one of the constable had been doing mobile business inside the prison. The police plan to trace the call from her mobile now.

Padma's divorce case is decided in her favour and she is happy to have the custody of the child too.

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Episode-936 11th August 2011

Episode-935 10th August 2011

Episode-934 9th August 2011


Nadaswaram serial is centered around Gopi who is always there to solve the problems that arises in his family.

Gopi and Malar love each other but Gopi's mother and aunt are against it. Their plan is to marrying him off to Vanitha.

Nalli Andavar brings his brother's family and help them to stay in a rented house.

Paramu who was about loose her virginity but escapes luckily. Her father thinks that she is always a danger to the family and asks suggestions with his brother to kill her.

In order to reform her character the whole family falls on her feet and thereafter she gets reformed.

Rohini comes to Gopi's tailoring shop and tells that Malar is very happy now and that their love should become success. Rohini's brother Ashok comes there scolds both of them. As they both leave Gopi's father comes there, Gopi tells him that he met Malar and before that in between his mother and his aunt had met Malar. He tells all about what they had told to Malar and that was the reason why Malar behaved like that. Gopi's father boils inside and tells that he will do something on this.

Paramu faints due to starving and Maha's parents take them to hospital. Pandi takes this absense of their's and makes himself to be with Maha. When Maha's parents return they see Maha and Pandi together, they start beating him. Maha's mother tries to hit Pandi, Pandi ducks and Maha gets hit instead.

Paramu is walking when Sendhil's car stops. Sendhil acts with Paramu telling her that being afraid of his father and her life that he told he was not loving her. He tells her that he really loves her and they both can run away and marry. At this Paramu removes her slippers and hits him. He then overpowers her and chides her beauty telling she does not look nice. He still tries to convince her and take her along when Gopi comes there. He takes them far away from road and beats up Sendhil and takes him to his father and explains to him what had happened. Sendhil's father too beats him up.

Maha who is hospitalised, recovers her memory, but the Doctor advises all those present there that Maha's condition is critical. She should be kept happy and no shocking incidents should be told to her for three months.

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Nadaswaram-Serial-338 11th August 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-337 10th August 2011

Thendral-12th August 2011

Thendral Serial is a mixture of all. It is based on love, crime and family bondage.

The main love devolved around Thamizh and Tulasi. Thamizh and Tulasi's marriage takes place out of force to give meaning to their love. Charu who had also been loving Thamizh is affected badly on the marriage of Tulasi and Thamizh. She becomes a psycho. Her behaviors is well understood by Charu's uncle. He tacitly sends Charu along with her father who is to have treatment at a foreign country.

Thamizh's mother is hell bent to separate Thamizh and Tulasi, her wish is to marry Thamizh to Charu.

Thamizh sometimes acts good and sometimes very foolishly. He does not have a work of his own, a bank work that he had he looses because of his harsh talks and foolishness.

He foolishly borrows four lakhs rupeess and spends on his sister's marriage who does not give respect to either him or his wife Tulasi.

Thamizh who has no work joins Dharma who is a fraud, who calls himself a social service man. Dharma expecting huge money tries to help Sundari against Bhuvana.
Bhuvana's husband gets a written complaint from her against Dharma and his associates. Dharma and his associates who come to know of the complaint abscond and hide, Thamizh too is taken along with them. Dharma tells his associates that he is going to see a minister and will solve this problem.

Meanwhile the lenders swarm into his house of Tulasi and sit tight and do not leave the house. Thamizh who comes to know this arranges money from Sundari and while coming in his motorcycle he hits another bike rider and altercates with him. The police happen to pass by and takes him to police station. He leaves behind the money-bag in the motor-cycle.

He gives away information to the police about Dharma's associates hideouts. The police raid the place and arrest Dharma's associates.

Dharama makes a plan for their release, he abducts Bhuvana's son and demands with her the release of his associates. Bhuvana and her husband Laxman hurriedly go to police station and withdraw their complaint.

Thamizh finds the money in his motorcycle safe and goes fast to his house. He finds a gang of members waiting to receive the money, he feels he cannot face them and speeds his bike out of the place. Tulasi who is standing in the top floor watches Thamizh speeding away.

The financier goes to the extreme having come to know that Thamizh no longer is going to come. He tells Tulasi to go and sit in the car, when she refuses he tries to drag her. The situation looks terror when at the right time Thamizh's brother comes there and settles the money. He also had a solution for Thamizh, he asks him to look after his shop. But the adamant Thamizh does not bend for anything. Thus his character is shown as one of arrogance, irresponsible, foolishness and a don't care attitude.

Meanwhile Bhuvana's son comes to know the entire history of their parents. That Bhuvana is the second wife of Laxman, she already has a husband and a daughter. That Laxman already has a wife and a son.

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Thendral - Serial - 12th August 2011

Thendral - Serial - 11th August 2011


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