Sindhu Bhairavi - Episode - 161 to 170

Sindhu is engaged with Veer and Bhairavi is at height of jealousy, she dances in the engagement function and tries to woo Veer to dance along her. But Veer's concentration is towards Sindhu always.

Bhairavi then fakes fainting and draws Sindhu away from Veer.

Back at her home Bhairavi dreams of Veer having his photo in hand when Sindhu touches her shoulder. Bhairavi turns over the Photo and takes Sindhu out.

Veer meanwhile phones Sindhu and tells her that he has an important things to discuss with her and so he likes to meet her.

Veer brings a new car as gift to Sindhu and takes along Sindhu with him for a long drive along with Damarai. Siddarth too takes Bhairavi for a long drive in his car but Bhairavi's thoughts are around Sindhu and her lavish gifts that she has been receiving from Veer. At this time the car gets into mechanical problem. Bhairavi then tells Siddarth that she had done wrong in choosing him and takes a taxi back home leaving him behind.

Veer buys dresses and the three of them return back, Sindhu thanks Veer for having called her mother as Ammu and showed love on her. Damarai asks Veer if everybody in his house accept Sindhu. She tells that she knows that Sindhu is a servant's girl. Veer tells that he is loving Sindhu very much and she need not worry. He tells her that she is from now on not mother to just Sindhu but to him too.

Bhairavi makes Sindhu wear a cheap rated dress before going to Bundela's house. People talk seeing them if they both can make a pair. She has dressed like coming to perform a dance.

Bhairavi asks Veer about her dress. Veer tells it looks fine. She then asks about the dress of Sindhu. Veer tells that whatever she wears it will look fine for her. Bhairavi gets fooled.

Gunavanthi scolds Sindhu for wearing such a cheap dress. Nani instigates her telling that she had already told her not to wear such kind of dress. Gunavanthi tells Nani that she had not worn the dress she had sent for.

Sindhu comes near Veer and asks him about her dress. Veer tells she looks good and different.

Bhairavi takes Sindhu along with her forcibly and starts dancing Sindhu stands silent.

People gathered there tell Gunavanthi if Bhairavi had married Veer it would have been nice.

Back at home...

Bhairavi feels that she has missed her luck by not choosing Veer and somehow she wants to get it back.

Sindhu and Veer's love goes on he buys her fish which is most liked by her. Veer names the fish as Chinnu.

Bhairavi cries with her Nani telling that she can't leave Veer and she wants Veer. She wants to becomes the queen of Bundela's family.

11th February 2011 - Episode -170

10th February 2011

Part - 1

Part - 2

9th February 2011

7th February 2011

4th February 2011

3rd February 2011

1st February 2011

31st January 2011

Part - 1

Part - 2


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