Sindhu Bhairavi-17-8-11

Sindhu is the daughter of Damini who was an servant-maid, Damini lost her husband in an accident caused by Jogi Thakur. The serial starts when we see Damini struggles to meet the ends. Sindhu is a playful girl who does not go to school but sits near a traffic junction with hands on her chin waiting for the evening when her mother returns from work.

Damini is not paid properly in her present house-maid work when she hears that there is call for house-maid in Jogi Thakurs house. Thus Sindhu and Damini enter the house of Jogi Thakur.

Bhairavi who was alone finds a good friend in Sindhu. When everybody is against Sindhu at Jogi's house Bhairavi supports her and gives all the happiness and playful things to her. She also is sent to school along with Bhairavi. The grandmother of Bhairavi pours venom and jealousy in the innocent mind of Bhairavi and changes her character to that of a villian.

As they grew up Bhairavi's jealousy continues and she likes to have to herself all the good things that may go to Sindhu. A proposal for marriage from Veer comes her way but she who already in in love with Siddarth asks Sindhu to be with Veer when she spends her time dancing with Siddarth.

A love develops between Veer and Sindhu, when Bhairavi gets to know their love she finds Veer very rich and luxurious and just to deprive Sindhu her love life she takes the place of bride, keeps her face covered during the marriage ceremony and marries Veer cheating him. When Veer comes to know that he had married Bhairavi he rejects her.

Bhairavi arranges Sid to kill Sindhu but Sindhu escapes. So she devices another plan that is to marry her off to Veer's brother who is a drug addict. Bhairavi, Gunavanthi execute the plan rather perfectly sending off Veer to Delhi and marrying off Vijay to Sindhu.

Sindhu herself insists on marrying Vijay bringing crooked smiles into the face of Bhairavi and Nani. On return Veer comes to know about everything but is unable to do anything since Vijay already is in deep love with Sindhu.

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Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-299 17th August 2011


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