Thirumathi Selvam

In this serial Selvam is cheated and his mechanic shed is taken away from him by Rajashekar. He is helped by Revathi's husband Vasu to cheat Selvam.

Selvam and Archana then wander with no place to take shelter and even sleep in footpath. He opens a way side mechanic shop through friends, becomes a car sales man and earns decent money. Gradually he becomes a self-sufficient man with a bright future.

Archana's sister Priya loves Dina but is cheated by him after he spoils her. Priya gives birth to a baby.

Revathi on her part cheats her own father gets make her father pay him one crores of rupees.

Vasu plans with his friends to rob the one crores of rupees. Vasu along with his parents is way back home in a car with the money. Vasu's informs his friends the car number and the time of arrival for them to attack.

The car in which Vasu and his family are traveling with money gets into mechanic trouble and they dicide to catch some other vehicle.

Vasu's friends anxiously wait with clubs in their hands but the car never arrives. Then they recieve another message telling that the car is changed.

Vasu messages about this and sends the car number of the new vehicle. When the car arrives they stand lined up with clubs in their hands. Rajashekar gets down from his car with gun in his hand, seeing this Vasu's friends run away.

Rajashekar tells that these could be the handi-work of Vasu.

Vasu then takes away the child of Priya and plans to take away money from Selvam.

His first attempt fails since there were police roaming around.

Vasu then joins Selvam and acts like finding out the child. He takes Selvam to some rowdies hide-out and asks if they know someone who has kidnapped a child.

Lastly Vasu runs with the child and gets knifed wantonly by his friends. He gets admitted to hospital. One of his associate gets arrested and he names Priya's husband Dina who is already in the cell.

Vasu further joins with Selvam's mechanic shop and when Archana questions him he fights with her red and blue foolishly.

Dina is convicted for kidnapping and gets 5 years jail term.

As selvam receives the money from Revathi like a dream come true his business picks fast and he is constructing a posh house for himself. He has arranged for Gruhapravesham.

Dina's mother kidnaps Vasu's mother and acts like a reformed lady she fakes registering 10 lakhs property to her name. At the temple when Vasu's mother is praying closing her eyes she burns the fake paper, she then blames Archana that she has burnt it. Vasu's mother believes it.

Vasu and his mother come out with a new plan and as per the plan Vasu goes out of the house.

Selvam constructs a bungalow and does gruhaprevesam to his house. A part of his success is because of Nandini.

Selvam and Archana in order to do good to Nandini find out his husband and talk to him. Nandini then joins her husband and leaves Selvam's shop while going she tells Vasu can look his shop well.

Thirumathi Selvam - 14th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 13th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 12th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 11th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 10th October 2011


Along with the names of technicians the serial people can also display the names of the artists and the character portrayed on screen with a still photograph of them as like they did in the serial MAHABHARATHA some years back. let the actors of the present generation get some star value.

The serious talk about family
curse of my family do not like....
I do not like to make trouble in the family

Sanjeev plays as lead role in Thirumathi Selvam serial.Sanjeev was acted together with Ilaya Thalapathi Vjay in so many films on that time 1998.i hate the Selvam's (Sanjeev) mother character in that serial.
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