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Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum-M.G.R's Movie

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Madhavi-Serial- 14th October 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 13th October 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 12th October 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 11th October 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 10th October 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 5th October 2011

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Madhavi-Serial- 3rd October 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 30th September 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 29th September 2011

Madhavi-Serial- 26th September 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal

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25th October 2011 Kana Kaanum Kaalangal

24th October 2011 Kana Kaanum Kaalangal

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-111 13th October 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-110 12th October 2011

Kana Kaanum Kaalangal-Episode-109 11th October 2011

Pirivom Sandhipom

Revathi and Jyothi are brought up together by Shanmuga Rajan, they become thick friends.

Shanmugam's son Arunachalam starts a new business and gets into heavy losses.

Arunachalam with no other go keeps his hand on office money which was in his custody to pay for the employees. Through the spy camera his acts get immediately known and the police come after him and arrest him.

Shamuga Rajan gets unwell due to these happenings is hospitalised and then gets well. But due to the mounting debts they have leave their house.

Revathi is taking tution in Abhirami's house and she lets loose a chained boy in that house who disappears. Later he is found in the top floor who comes down on the request of Revathi.

Abirami finds the his son is very fond of Revathi and requests her to marry her son.

Revathi accepts the offer under the condition that her brother should marry Jyothi.

Abhirami accepts the offer and also helps Shanmuga Rajan's family by giving Rs.ten lakhs without revealing her identity.

Abhirami comes to Shanmuga Rajan's house and talk about the marriage of Revathi but not of Jyothi.

Shanmuga Rajan puts forth his desire to meet Abhirami's son the would be husband of Revathi.

Abhirami, her son and her family visit Revathi's house. They exchange Thamboolam plates guaranteeing marriage.

At the time of marriage Prabhu the groom hears a police siren van and get frightened and shouts. At this Shanmuga Rajan's family comes to know that Prabhu is a mentally retarded person. Shanmuga Rajan refuses to marry Revathi to Prabhu and leaves the place with his family.

Revathi then marries Prabhu and comes home for blessings but Shanmuga Rajan tells her that he has wiped her out from his mind. Revathi cries and leaves the place to go with Prabhu. While going she tells to Jyothi what really had happened and why she has married Prabhu. She asks Jothi not to reveal this to anybody.

Shanmuga Rajan later comes to know that she did all this for the sake of his family.

At Abhirami's house Prabhu's is getting well due to the love and care of Revathi. Abhirami's son loves a girl and wants to marry her. Revathi finds out that she is a fraud but in doing so she has to go against Abhirami and so leaves the house. Prabhu's cousin is against Prabhu getting cured of his mental disability and his taking over the family business. So he plans to kill him.

An astrologer who comes to see the fate of Revathi tells her that if she does not go immediately and join her husband he will die.

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25th October 2011 Pirivom Sandhipom

24th October 2011 Pirivom Sandhipom

Pirivom Santhipom-128 13th October 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-127 12th October 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-126 11th October 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-125 10th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam

In this serial Selvam is cheated and his mechanic shed is taken away from him by Rajashekar. He is helped by Revathi's husband Vasu to cheat Selvam.

Selvam and Archana then wander with no place to take shelter and even sleep in footpath. He opens a way side mechanic shop through friends, becomes a car sales man and earns decent money. Gradually he becomes a self-sufficient man with a bright future.

Archana's sister Priya loves Dina but is cheated by him after he spoils her. Priya gives birth to a baby.

Revathi on her part cheats her own father gets make her father pay him one crores of rupees.

Vasu plans with his friends to rob the one crores of rupees. Vasu along with his parents is way back home in a car with the money. Vasu's informs his friends the car number and the time of arrival for them to attack.

The car in which Vasu and his family are traveling with money gets into mechanic trouble and they dicide to catch some other vehicle.

Vasu's friends anxiously wait with clubs in their hands but the car never arrives. Then they recieve another message telling that the car is changed.

Vasu messages about this and sends the car number of the new vehicle. When the car arrives they stand lined up with clubs in their hands. Rajashekar gets down from his car with gun in his hand, seeing this Vasu's friends run away.

Rajashekar tells that these could be the handi-work of Vasu.

Vasu then takes away the child of Priya and plans to take away money from Selvam.

His first attempt fails since there were police roaming around.

Vasu then joins Selvam and acts like finding out the child. He takes Selvam to some rowdies hide-out and asks if they know someone who has kidnapped a child.

Lastly Vasu runs with the child and gets knifed wantonly by his friends. He gets admitted to hospital. One of his associate gets arrested and he names Priya's husband Dina who is already in the cell.

Vasu further joins with Selvam's mechanic shop and when Archana questions him he fights with her red and blue foolishly.

Dina is convicted for kidnapping and gets 5 years jail term.

As selvam receives the money from Revathi like a dream come true his business picks fast and he is constructing a posh house for himself. He has arranged for Gruhapravesham.

Dina's mother kidnaps Vasu's mother and acts like a reformed lady she fakes registering 10 lakhs property to her name. At the temple when Vasu's mother is praying closing her eyes she burns the fake paper, she then blames Archana that she has burnt it. Vasu's mother believes it.

Vasu and his mother come out with a new plan and as per the plan Vasu goes out of the house.

Selvam constructs a bungalow and does gruhaprevesam to his house. A part of his success is because of Nandini.

Selvam and Archana in order to do good to Nandini find out his husband and talk to him. Nandini then joins her husband and leaves Selvam's shop while going she tells Vasu can look his shop well.

Thirumathi Selvam - 14th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 13th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 12th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 11th October 2011

Thirumathi Selvam - 10th October 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-13th August 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-449 13th September 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-448 12th September 2011

Uravuku Kai Koduppom-447 8th September 2011


Thangam Serial is a mixed of love story, comedy, and thrills. Ramya Krishnan urf Ganga is the sub-collector and her husband collector in this serial. Gunashekar is her uncle who is hell bent upon chasing Ganga and her family out of the village.

Ganga is able to send him to jail for his folly and each time he comes out. Last time when he got released he took the help of Subbulaxmi. This angered Subbulaxmi's husband. Ayya stopped talking with her for days together. Finally he relents and asks her to prepare his favourite food.

Vandana who is sheltered in Selvaraghavan's house shows a photo and tells Selva's family members that he is her husband and had married her before.

Vetrimaran and Porselvi devise a plan to escape from JK, Vetrimaran sends through milk vendor adulterated milk which JK drinks and becomes unconscious. Vetrimaran comes in an ambulance and takes the unconscious JK along with Porselvi. JK is left in the middle of the road in a secluded place, Vetrimaran and Porselvi escape to Chenna in the same Maruthi car. His friends drive out in two wheelers. Vetrimaran tells his friends to be careful for some day before he will find some house in chennai and will take them.

Porselvi's father even goes to Chennai behind Porselvi but is kicked in his butt there. Back home he plans and tells through his wife that he is dead, Porselvi comes to see his dead father but finds him alive, but again she escapes from her father and runs away with Vetrimaran.

Vandhana is still continuing in her effort to prove that Selva Kannan had married him. To prove that both of them apply chilli powder to the village deity Finally she is chased out of the house by Ilavanji and parties.

The ladies of the village do pooja to the village deity. The rice never boils and the people do a special prayer when the idol falls down which is made out of card-board. It becomes a suspense who had stolen the idol and had placed the card-board idol. Gunashekar tells that it is Selva Kannan who did this and asks him to walk on a fire-path. Selvakannan walks on that and comes out pure. Aiya asks Gunashekar to fall in the feet of Selvakannan and ask sorry to him.

Gunashekar's other plan to separate Rama and Jayachandran fails utterly and Valli reveals out the truth. Gunashekar get punishment to eat food served by Rama.

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Chellama's husband Vadamalai is badly injured in the murderous attack by the goondas sent by Sneha.

Vadamalai is hospitalised and his hospital bills are paid by Chellama's uncle.

The investigation on attempt to murder on Vadamalai picks up and the inspector questions Kadarkarai and Sneha.

The inspector after picks up some suspicious rowdies and brings them to police station. She calls up chellama for indentification parade and Chellama finds the rowdy present there who had knifed Vadamalai repeatedly. Through him the police arrest the gang leader lady.

On questioning she points the finger to Kadarkarai and he is arrested. Vadamalai survives but the doctor feels that he could not walk.

Kadarkarai's daughter Rathna cuts her wrist and commits suicide when she receives the SMS from Sneha where Kadarkarai tells that he will kill Vadamalai.

Chellama has a doubt that Kadarkarai is behind the half murder case. She feels someone else could be there behind the crime committed on her husband.

Kadarkarai's bail application is rejected and everyone feels the cause of rejection is Chellama. Kadarkarai on coming out of the court with the police escorts he sees Chellama. He asserts to Chellama that henceforth he will be the deadliest enemy to her.

Kadarkarai gets bail at High Court and goes straight to his wife Muthazhagi's house. He feels heavily the loss of his daughter Ratna. Muthazhagi tells that Chellamma is responsible for her death and she had from the earliest intended that they both should not live together.

Satish is kidnapped by Sneha and is kept in a secluded place. J.K. comes to know that how furious is Satish against him through Sneha.

J.K. tells that he did not help Chellamma just because of her blackmail. J.K. asks Sneha to hand over Satish to him. She tells if he does what she wants he will handover him. He should wait for two days and he will receive a call.

Muthazhagi occupies the seat and takes over the ownership of the company of Jk and Chellamma's, when Chellamma comes with lawyer and police she shows the signed document of Chellamma where she had requisitioned her shares in the company. The lawyer feels something fishy in the document papers.

Satish escapes from the captivity of Sneha but is shot. Chellamma hospitalises him and calls up J.K. J.K tries to kill Satish but Chellamma and her lawyer convince him that

Chellamay - 14th October 2011

Chellamay - 13th October 2011

Chellamay - 12th October 2011

Chellamay - 11th October 2011

Chellamay - 10th October 2011

Chellamay - 7th October 2011

Chellamay - 5th October 2011

Chellamay - 4th October 2011

Chellamay - 3rd October 2011

Chellamay - 30th September 2011

Idhayam-14th September 2011

Idhayam-529 14th September 2011

Idhayam-528 13th September 2011

Idhayam-527 12th September 2011

Idhayam-526 9th September 2011

Idhayam-525 8th September 2011

Idhayam-524 7th September 2011


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