Pirivom Sandhipom

Revathi and Jyothi are brought up together by Shanmuga Rajan, they become thick friends.

Shanmugam's son Arunachalam starts a new business and gets into heavy losses.

Arunachalam with no other go keeps his hand on office money which was in his custody to pay for the employees. Through the spy camera his acts get immediately known and the police come after him and arrest him.

Shamuga Rajan gets unwell due to these happenings is hospitalised and then gets well. But due to the mounting debts they have leave their house.

Revathi is taking tution in Abhirami's house and she lets loose a chained boy in that house who disappears. Later he is found in the top floor who comes down on the request of Revathi.

Abirami finds the his son is very fond of Revathi and requests her to marry her son.

Revathi accepts the offer under the condition that her brother should marry Jyothi.

Abhirami accepts the offer and also helps Shanmuga Rajan's family by giving Rs.ten lakhs without revealing her identity.

Abhirami comes to Shanmuga Rajan's house and talk about the marriage of Revathi but not of Jyothi.

Shanmuga Rajan puts forth his desire to meet Abhirami's son the would be husband of Revathi.

Abhirami, her son and her family visit Revathi's house. They exchange Thamboolam plates guaranteeing marriage.

At the time of marriage Prabhu the groom hears a police siren van and get frightened and shouts. At this Shanmuga Rajan's family comes to know that Prabhu is a mentally retarded person. Shanmuga Rajan refuses to marry Revathi to Prabhu and leaves the place with his family.

Revathi then marries Prabhu and comes home for blessings but Shanmuga Rajan tells her that he has wiped her out from his mind. Revathi cries and leaves the place to go with Prabhu. While going she tells to Jyothi what really had happened and why she has married Prabhu. She asks Jothi not to reveal this to anybody.

Shanmuga Rajan later comes to know that she did all this for the sake of his family.

At Abhirami's house Prabhu's is getting well due to the love and care of Revathi. Abhirami's son loves a girl and wants to marry her. Revathi finds out that she is a fraud but in doing so she has to go against Abhirami and so leaves the house. Prabhu's cousin is against Prabhu getting cured of his mental disability and his taking over the family business. So he plans to kill him.

An astrologer who comes to see the fate of Revathi tells her that if she does not go immediately and join her husband he will die.

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25th October 2011 Pirivom Sandhipom

24th October 2011 Pirivom Sandhipom

Pirivom Santhipom-128 13th October 2011

Pirivom Santhipom-127 12th October 2011

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Pirivom Santhipom-125 10th October 2011


new episodes missing!!!!??? ols post as earrly as possible..

Thanks fr the post.. But need lil more speed in update..

Is there a website where i can see all the Pirivom Santhippom videos??

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