Soraja's gang disguising as police are able to kidnap Bhanu and bring it to
saroja's den. Bhanu is slapped by Saroja and then is clubbed by her other chellas. Manga shouts to leave her and gets booted several times by Saroja.

Karpagam and Dhakshina come over the Orphanage and finding that Bhanu has been taken in a police Jeep they go to meet their area inspector and inform him about the incidents. The inpector finding some fishy in things sets out insearch of Bhanu's uncle who had given the advertisement. There he finds that they are not kidnappers but it was Saroja, he traces and sets after her when she knifes Bhanu and escapes.

Where Bhanu is struggling to survive in hospital, Padma seems to be getting positive and thinking. Finally Bhanu survives but is in unconscious state.

Police gets permission to shoot Saroja and gang members. As per Saroja's wish they set out to hand over Panjali in return for Manga. Karpagam is forced to accompany the party.

Saroja gets to know that police is waiting to shoot her down and so she challenges the inpector that she would kill Panjali before she is taken to court and if he could he can save Manga.

As said she sends Manga with her goonda to kill Manga and throw her in the sea.

At the police station the inspector takes the statement of Panjali who accepts that Anjali had given her the child for kidnapping. Panjali is then taken to the court. At the Court Panjali takes the name of Manohar, Manohar is called up to the witness box where he accepts the crime of kidnapping and is ordered to be arrested and a case filed against him.

Padma never believes that Manohar had got himself arrested to get release Manga from the clutches of Saroja.

Saroja released Manga but before release she asked Bell Bhaskar to inject her body with poison so that she dies before reaching her home. Bell Bhaskar taking pity on Manga fakes injecting, later when Saroja comes to know that Manga has not injected with poison she injects the same poison to Bell Bhaskar he faints and Saroja tells her gang to disposes him off.

Manohar comes to know that Manga had been poisoned before releasing her but some mistake had committed by Saroja so the poison did not enter her body. Manohar gets angry for back-stabbing.

Anjali telephone Karpagam and boasts of her acts and Karpagam passes the number to the Inspector. On verification it is found that one of the constable had been doing mobile business inside the prison. The police plan to trace the call from her mobile now.

Padma's divorce case is decided in her favour and she is happy to have the custody of the child too.

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