Chellama's husband Vadamalai is badly injured in the murderous attack by the goondas sent by Sneha.

Vadamalai is hospitalised and his hospital bills are paid by Chellama's uncle.

The investigation on attempt to murder on Vadamalai picks up and the inspector questions Kadarkarai and Sneha.

The inspector after picks up some suspicious rowdies and brings them to police station. She calls up chellama for indentification parade and Chellama finds the rowdy present there who had knifed Vadamalai repeatedly. Through him the police arrest the gang leader lady.

On questioning she points the finger to Kadarkarai and he is arrested. Vadamalai survives but the doctor feels that he could not walk.

Kadarkarai's daughter Rathna cuts her wrist and commits suicide when she receives the SMS from Sneha where Kadarkarai tells that he will kill Vadamalai.

Chellama has a doubt that Kadarkarai is behind the half murder case. She feels someone else could be there behind the crime committed on her husband.

Kadarkarai's bail application is rejected and everyone feels the cause of rejection is Chellama. Kadarkarai on coming out of the court with the police escorts he sees Chellama. He asserts to Chellama that henceforth he will be the deadliest enemy to her.

Kadarkarai gets bail at High Court and goes straight to his wife Muthazhagi's house. He feels heavily the loss of his daughter Ratna. Muthazhagi tells that Chellamma is responsible for her death and she had from the earliest intended that they both should not live together.

Satish is kidnapped by Sneha and is kept in a secluded place. J.K. comes to know that how furious is Satish against him through Sneha.

J.K. tells that he did not help Chellamma just because of her blackmail. J.K. asks Sneha to hand over Satish to him. She tells if he does what she wants he will handover him. He should wait for two days and he will receive a call.

Muthazhagi occupies the seat and takes over the ownership of the company of Jk and Chellamma's, when Chellamma comes with lawyer and police she shows the signed document of Chellamma where she had requisitioned her shares in the company. The lawyer feels something fishy in the document papers.

Satish escapes from the captivity of Sneha but is shot. Chellamma hospitalises him and calls up J.K. J.K tries to kill Satish but Chellamma and her lawyer convince him that

Chellamay - 14th October 2011

Chellamay - 13th October 2011

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Chellamay - 10th October 2011

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Chellamay - 5th October 2011

Chellamay - 4th October 2011

Chellamay - 3rd October 2011

Chellamay - 30th September 2011


Chellamae serial was over.The climax of this serial was good.I think this is 5th serial for Radhika. For the past 7 years,she continuously acted in serial.
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