Mahalaxmi is the daughter of Devaraj but Rani deceitfully becomes the adopted daughter of Devaraj and Yamuna. Devaraj not knowing that his daughter is Mahalaxmi transfers his property to the name of Rani. Later he comes to know that his daughter is Mahalaxmi. Prakash in order to regain that property marries Rani. Devaraj seeing this gets heart-attack and dies.

Rani starts a new company in the name Yamuna Associates and when everything was going fine Topiaz starts claiming the ownership of the Company.

Every well-wisher of Mahalaxmi meet Topiaz and ask him to give the signed papers of Mahalaxmi back to her. Topiaz refuses and everyone are in a murderous mood against Topiaz. Prakash plays a game plan and puts Topiaz and Maharani against each other.

Topiaz brings in the car dealer and puts him in conversation with Rani and overhears secretly their talks. He thus comes to know with certain that it was Rani who had run the car over his hand. Topiaz with some cruel intentions calls Rani for a pary. At the same time Anand sets out carrying a knife.

Mahalaxmi, Anand, Vikram and Rani set out in search of Topiaz and return back with high tension.

Topiaz gets murdered and the Police Kaliamurthy arrests Yamuna who had seen the body first. He also arrests Anand who comes to the police station to enquire about the reason for arresting Yamuna.

All of them gets released later on the advice of AC Deva Narayanan who has been appointed specially to investigate Topiaz's Murder case.

A.C. Deva Narayanan takes the help of both inspectors Kaliamurthy and Balaji in his investigations.

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Maharani-Serial-439 - 12th August 2011


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