Nadaswaram serial is centered around Gopi who is always there to solve the problems that arises in his family.

Gopi and Malar love each other but Gopi's mother and aunt are against it. Their plan is to marrying him off to Vanitha.

Nalli Andavar brings his brother's family and help them to stay in a rented house.

Paramu who was about loose her virginity but escapes luckily. Her father thinks that she is always a danger to the family and asks suggestions with his brother to kill her.

In order to reform her character the whole family falls on her feet and thereafter she gets reformed.

Rohini comes to Gopi's tailoring shop and tells that Malar is very happy now and that their love should become success. Rohini's brother Ashok comes there scolds both of them. As they both leave Gopi's father comes there, Gopi tells him that he met Malar and before that in between his mother and his aunt had met Malar. He tells all about what they had told to Malar and that was the reason why Malar behaved like that. Gopi's father boils inside and tells that he will do something on this.

Paramu faints due to starving and Maha's parents take them to hospital. Pandi takes this absense of their's and makes himself to be with Maha. When Maha's parents return they see Maha and Pandi together, they start beating him. Maha's mother tries to hit Pandi, Pandi ducks and Maha gets hit instead.

Paramu is walking when Sendhil's car stops. Sendhil acts with Paramu telling her that being afraid of his father and her life that he told he was not loving her. He tells her that he really loves her and they both can run away and marry. At this Paramu removes her slippers and hits him. He then overpowers her and chides her beauty telling she does not look nice. He still tries to convince her and take her along when Gopi comes there. He takes them far away from road and beats up Sendhil and takes him to his father and explains to him what had happened. Sendhil's father too beats him up.

Maha who is hospitalised, recovers her memory, but the Doctor advises all those present there that Maha's condition is critical. She should be kept happy and no shocking incidents should be told to her for three months.

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Nadaswaram-Serial-338 11th August 2011

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stop Mr Subu's character Its very iritating the rool

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