Chellamay- 3-8-11 to 9-8-11

Kadarkarai's daughter Rathna could not bear everybody calling her father murderer and when she receives the SMS from Sneha where Kadarkarai tells that he will kill Vadamalai she is very upset and commits suicide cutting her wrist.

Chellama gets doubt if Kadarkarian could have been behind the beating of his husband she tells to the police so. She feels his repeated assertion that he has not done the crime could be true and he has lost his daughter too.

Kadarkarai's bail application gets rejected and when he comes outside the court with the police escorts he sees Chellama. He asserts to Chellama that henceforth he will be the deadliest enemy to her.

Chellamay - 9th August 2011

Chellamay - 8th August 2011

Chellamay - 5th August 2011

Chellamay - 4th August 2011

Chellamay - 3rd August 2011


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