Thendral-12th August 2011

Thendral Serial is a mixture of all. It is based on love, crime and family bondage.

The main love devolved around Thamizh and Tulasi. Thamizh and Tulasi's marriage takes place out of force to give meaning to their love. Charu who had also been loving Thamizh is affected badly on the marriage of Tulasi and Thamizh. She becomes a psycho. Her behaviors is well understood by Charu's uncle. He tacitly sends Charu along with her father who is to have treatment at a foreign country.

Thamizh's mother is hell bent to separate Thamizh and Tulasi, her wish is to marry Thamizh to Charu.

Thamizh sometimes acts good and sometimes very foolishly. He does not have a work of his own, a bank work that he had he looses because of his harsh talks and foolishness.

He foolishly borrows four lakhs rupeess and spends on his sister's marriage who does not give respect to either him or his wife Tulasi.

Thamizh who has no work joins Dharma who is a fraud, who calls himself a social service man. Dharma expecting huge money tries to help Sundari against Bhuvana.
Bhuvana's husband gets a written complaint from her against Dharma and his associates. Dharma and his associates who come to know of the complaint abscond and hide, Thamizh too is taken along with them. Dharma tells his associates that he is going to see a minister and will solve this problem.

Meanwhile the lenders swarm into his house of Tulasi and sit tight and do not leave the house. Thamizh who comes to know this arranges money from Sundari and while coming in his motorcycle he hits another bike rider and altercates with him. The police happen to pass by and takes him to police station. He leaves behind the money-bag in the motor-cycle.

He gives away information to the police about Dharma's associates hideouts. The police raid the place and arrest Dharma's associates.

Dharama makes a plan for their release, he abducts Bhuvana's son and demands with her the release of his associates. Bhuvana and her husband Laxman hurriedly go to police station and withdraw their complaint.

Thamizh finds the money in his motorcycle safe and goes fast to his house. He finds a gang of members waiting to receive the money, he feels he cannot face them and speeds his bike out of the place. Tulasi who is standing in the top floor watches Thamizh speeding away.

The financier goes to the extreme having come to know that Thamizh no longer is going to come. He tells Tulasi to go and sit in the car, when she refuses he tries to drag her. The situation looks terror when at the right time Thamizh's brother comes there and settles the money. He also had a solution for Thamizh, he asks him to look after his shop. But the adamant Thamizh does not bend for anything. Thus his character is shown as one of arrogance, irresponsible, foolishness and a don't care attitude.

Meanwhile Bhuvana's son comes to know the entire history of their parents. That Bhuvana is the second wife of Laxman, she already has a husband and a daughter. That Laxman already has a wife and a son.

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