Thangam Serial is a mixed of love story, comedy, and thrills. Ramya Krishnan urf Ganga is the sub-collector and her husband collector in this serial. Gunashekar is her uncle who is hell bent upon chasing Ganga and her family out of the village.

Ganga is able to send him to jail for his folly and each time he comes out. Last time when he got released he took the help of Subbulaxmi. This angered Subbulaxmi's husband. Ayya stopped talking with her for days together. Finally he relents and asks her to prepare his favourite food.

Vandana who is sheltered in Selvaraghavan's house shows a photo and tells Selva's family members that he is her husband and had married her before.

Vetrimaran and Porselvi devise a plan to escape from JK, Vetrimaran sends through milk vendor adulterated milk which JK drinks and becomes unconscious. Vetrimaran comes in an ambulance and takes the unconscious JK along with Porselvi. JK is left in the middle of the road in a secluded place, Vetrimaran and Porselvi escape to Chenna in the same Maruthi car. His friends drive out in two wheelers. Vetrimaran tells his friends to be careful for some day before he will find some house in chennai and will take them.

Porselvi's father even goes to Chennai behind Porselvi but is kicked in his butt there. Back home he plans and tells through his wife that he is dead, Porselvi comes to see his dead father but finds him alive, but again she escapes from her father and runs away with Vetrimaran.

Vandhana is still continuing in her effort to prove that Selva Kannan had married him. To prove that both of them apply chilli powder to the village deity Finally she is chased out of the house by Ilavanji and parties.

The ladies of the village do pooja to the village deity. The rice never boils and the people do a special prayer when the idol falls down which is made out of card-board. It becomes a suspense who had stolen the idol and had placed the card-board idol. Gunashekar tells that it is Selva Kannan who did this and asks him to walk on a fire-path. Selvakannan walks on that and comes out pure. Aiya asks Gunashekar to fall in the feet of Selvakannan and ask sorry to him.

Gunashekar's other plan to separate Rama and Jayachandran fails utterly and Valli reveals out the truth. Gunashekar get punishment to eat food served by Rama.

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Nowadays tamil serials are really entertaining tamil viewers.. Thatsnks for the psot and keep posting..

what a stupid serial drama. change the drama name to animal name. what happen to the actor and actress.pls end the drama...don make animal act in the silly...and no logic....

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