Sindhu Bhairavi - Episode - 150 to 160

Sindhu accepts to marry a liquor seller to prove her innocence. Sindhu tells she will not meet Veer and gets permission to go to her school for teaching. In the school Veer is already teaching. On the way to home Sindhu again meets Veer. Veer says that he loves her and Sindhu realises that she too loves him.

Meanwhile Divya is silenced and so is Damarai. Sindhu is forced to marry Prakash and liquid seller. When he is about to put ring on the finger of Sindhu there appears Jogi Thakur suddenly and asks, "Whats happening here?"

Everyone is stunned and the injustice that was to happen to Sindhu is stalled.

Later Bhairavi says that she has no objection in Sindhu marrying Veer since she is not loving him. Sindhu then swims and dreams love on Veer.

Veer has a shock in his house where they refuse to accept Veer's love. Veer prepares to leave the house and go to U.S.A. At last Veer's grandfather accepts Veer's love and tells him to marry according to his wish.

Siddarth takes Bhairavi to a restaurant for dinner. The hotel man tells them that the whole hotel has been booked by a gentleman for his beloved. Bhairavi is awed by this and tells Siddarth that he too has to book one day the whole restaurant for her.

Veer and Sindhu are seated opposite in the restaurant hall. Veer presents a costly bangle to Sindhu.

Bhairavi is dropped in a car by Siddarth and Bhairavi happily sends him off waving her hands. Another car comes by and Veer drops Sindhu.

Bhairavi enquires about her day, Sindhu keeps her hand hiding, Bhairavi forcibly asks her to show her hand and sees a diamond bangle. Sindhu tells that Veer had presented her. Bhiravi asks her where they have been. Sindhu tells that they have been to Waysai restaurant. Bhairavi asks her, "only two of you." Sindhu shyly shakes her head, "yes."

Back at her room Bhairavi goes on thinking of the evening. She recalls about what Sindhu had told her. She sees her ring and pendant and compares it with the diamond bangle Veer had presented to Sindhu. At that time Siddarth call her up, Bhairavi tells him that she is too sleepy and cuts off the phone.

Jogi Thakur's family keep a Ganesha and the whole family joins in the pooja of the Lord Ganesha. Dhamarai is cleaning up the floor picking up the flower petals that are strewn there when Gunavanthi and Umed Singh enter the house. They bring in lavish gifts and is taken to the room to the astonishing looks of Nani and Rohini.

Umed Singh and Gunavanthi visit Jogi Thakur's house asking Sindhu's marriage with Veer. Sindhu comes dresses up and comes down to the hall. Sindhu touches the feet of Gunavanthi seeking blessings but she keeps quiet. Umed Singh tells her to bless her.

Veer telephones to Sindhu, makes some love talk and teases her a little.

Jogi Thakur's family visits Bundela's family, they are awestruck seeing the large rooms and hall decorated beautifully. Pushkar tells Nani, that this is not house but is palace. Bhairavi becomes more jealousy about Sindhu becoming the daughter-in-law of Bundela's family.

28th January 2011

25th January 2011

24th January 2011

Part - 1

Part - 2

Episode- 155 - 19th January 2011

13th January 2011

Part - 1

Part - 2

12th January 2011

11th January 2011

10th January 2011

Part - 1

Part - 2


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