Athipookal-923 to 926 25-7-11 to 28-7-11

Watch Athipookal Serial from Episode-923 to 926 dated 25th July 2011 to 28th July 2011

Episode-926 28th Jul 2011

Manga is seated weakly half fainted and Saroja's rowdy elements are standing sorrounding her.

Saroja brings in the poisoned injection to inject into the body of Manga. Bell Bhaskar looks a worried man. Saroja asks him, why he is so worried as if she is killing his wife. He tells her that she had given food in her hands to Manga and is now poisoning her. Saroja tells him that she not only gave food to her but also had given her shelter and protected her from men. She tells him whenever she thinks that she had been fooled by Manga she boils inside her. Saroja then asks Bell Bhaskar himself to inject the poison into Manga's body. She tells him that he had not given food to Manga so he can inject it. She tells him that Manga had also fooled him and his love.

Bell Bhaskar hesitates and Saroja orders in a high toned voice. Bell Bhaskar takes the injection with a frightened look and catches hold Manga hand to inject it while Manga looks on weakly.

Bell Bhaskar seems injecting the poison into her hand and Manga falls fainted. Saroja is pround of his act and tells his men to bring her drinks and for Bell Bhaskar.

At the house of Karpagam, Dakshina and Shekar discuss about the release of Manga. Shekar tells them they have to somehow find Saroja and plead her to release Manga. Shekar tells when Manohar was able to meet Saroja they too can. They should not approach police or believe them. They decide to file application to meet Manohar in the jail.

Manohar is taken to the jail and the inspector tells him that he will somehow apprehend Saroja and will arrive at truth and will then release him. They both shake hands.

At home the trio of the family tries to convince to Padma that Manohar had indeed gone to jail so that Manga is released by Saroja.

Padma as usual acts as a fool still.

Manga who looks almost fainted is brought in a Maruthi van and is gently placed in front of Karpagam's house. Dakshina, Karpagam and Shekar come out to go to meet Manohar when Dakshina sees Manga lying on the Mosaic floor. Everybody come near her running. They ask Manga what had happened. Seeing her fainted they lift her and bring inside the house. Water is sprinkled into her face and slowly Manga is seen opening her eyes.

Manga opens her eyes sees everyone. Manga tells everyone present that Saroja had injected poison into her body and faints. Everyone lift her and take her to hospital.

At hospital the Doctor checks her pulse and ask what happened to her. Dakshina and Karpagam tell the Doctor that she had been poisoned. The Doctor tells that first this has to be referred to police. The Doctor is adamant when the inspector himself comes there and tells the Doctor to start the treatment immediately and other formalities can be taken up later.

The inspector tells that he had come to hospital to see the condition of Bhanu and file a report to commissioner.

Police Inspector tells them that firstly they have to find Saroja and cut her throat so that other can be safe.

Dakshina tells he himself would cut her throat if something happens to Manga.

Karpagam tells Dakshina to pray God and that is enough for the time being.

Episode-925 27th Jul 2011

Episode-924 26th Jul 2011

Episode-923 25th Jul 2011


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