Kodi Mullai Episode - 1 to 20

A story of a mother’s search for her daughter, played by Devayani in dual role.

Malar who has studied MBA is the Branch Manager of Maharani Group of Companies. The son of the chairman of the company Gautam is appointed as MD of the company. Gautam who was in a hurry mood to return back to U.S.A is awestuck with the beauty of Malar and like a magnet gets attacted towards her. He drops his plan to go back to U.S.A.

Malar is more fond of her mother and becomes so tension when hears that her mother fell down she calls some 3 Doctors to her house. And of course in the end there was nothing but a small injury in the thumb nail of the foot.

Malar and others in the company now decide to celebrate their annual functions by visiting a jail and helping the innocents who are lodged there.

Episode - 1

Episode - 2

Episode - 3

Episode - 4

Episode - 5

Episode - 6

Episode - 7

Episode - 8

Episode - 9

Episode - 10

Episode - 12

Episode - 13

Episode - 14

Episode - 15

Part - 1

Part - 2


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