Gopi and Malar love each other but fail to tell and exchange their love at right times. When they really express their love fate has its own way. Malar is now in the wedge of marrying another man. Whether she does marry another man. Or she runs away!?

Malar eventually marries and Gopi also is seen in the marriage hall with his Nadaswaram. But after the marriage it is hell for Malar. Her husband doubts her and threatens her that he will henceforth torture her. Meanwhile Gopi sets out in search of her.

Gopi finds the house where Malar and her husband had stayed and later finds Malar being chased by her husband. Gopi reaches the spot and is left to stand with Malar. Malar seeing Gopi and the timely rescue feels like embracing Gopi with full of love.

Episode- 183 to 198 Click Here -

Episode- 204 to 210 Click Here - Feb 3 to Feb 11

3rd January 2011

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